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New York Answering Service Pros

If you are looking for a New York answering service, you have found the right place. Our team has been providing the highest quality and largest array of answering services to the businesses of New York City for over 20 years.  Our U.S. based team of answering service operators will answer your calls with the utmost care and concern for your customers.  We will treat every call as if it were our own.

Premier Live Answering Service in New York City


Allow our team answer your business phone calls in a customized manner to allow you to focus on growing revenue. When you outsource your call handling, it is definitely a risky endeavor because you cannot be sure who is going to answer your important calls. With New York Answering Service Pros you can rest assured that our professionals are on the other end of your important business calls and we are representing your company with the utmost professionalism and responsibility.


Call now to speak with someone on our New York Answering Service Pros team 212-537-6749.

From the most basic of live answering services such as appointment setting, message taking and instant dispatch to the more advanced answering service options, such as order processing, tier 1 and tier 2 support, and much more, one thing rings true through all of our services.  Quality is number 1, and we achieve it through hiring and retaining the best people, implementing the latest in communications technology, and a constant improvement of business processes.

What should you look for when selecting an Answering Service in New York?

Quality People, plus Quality Technology, plus Quality Assurance, EQUALS Quality Service for your business on every single phone call. The people of New York City have a pace that is unrivaled, and a demand for excellence that's almost as intense. Our answering services meet the high standard of quality that so many businesses in New York City have.  We also have a medical answering service here in New York.

Why choose New York Answering Service Pros?

Businesses based in New York City have been benefiting from the Award-winning answering services provided by the New York Answering Service Pros team for over 20 years.  Call to speak with our team to see why we are the best option when it comes to answering services.  We will figure out a plan that meets the needs of your business.